Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First post

Hey all, Kari here. I'm creating this blog to act as a diary of my time as a teaching assistant at Motcombe primary school, which I will be starting tomorrow. I just thought I'd get the blog started now, because, well, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, right?

I'm not looking forward to it, actually. I feel like crap at the moment. If any of you read my boyfriend's blog, you'll know that I have a pretty shitty record with my health, but last night was a new one. I had this dream.

I was in a park, near where I live. It's night and I'm trying to find my way around using the flashlight function on my phone. I should know how to get home, but nothing's the way I remember it. I start down this long path lined with tall bushes until I come to a very steep, very tall hill with a stone table at the top. There's a path behind me, and as I turn to shine my light down it, I hear a crackling sound. I go to investigate and I come to a small clearing an a forest full of trees, tall enough that their branches block out the stars. Nothing like this exists in the park I was dreaming of. The crackling continues. I walk towards it, and my head starts to ache. Another step. The aching intensifies. Another step, the ache gets worse. My light sweeps across to the space between two tree trunks. A leg disappears round the back. Someone's here. The ache becomes a sharp, piercing pain, enough to make me double over. I get back on my feet and run. I drop my phone, and the light with it. Scrambling through the forest in the dark. The crackling gets louder. The ache gets worse. I reach the path again, and rush into the light from a lamp by the side. My arms have grown massively. They're long, thin and bloodied. Bone sticking out. They look like they've been stretched so much all the muscle and bone has been shredded. Long enough that I must have been dragging them behind me as I ran. Someone steps out from the forest area.

Then I woke up, but here's the thing: my head still hurt, worse than anything I've ever felt. This deep, piercing ache. I've never been in so much pain. It ground to a halt after about an hour leaving me with a low throbbing sensation. I cried myself to sleep in the end.

So yeah. Not in a child-care mood. Wow, dark first post. It'll get better, honest!

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  1. I'd hug you, but there's an internet in the way :( See you after college...

    And to think my big news was that I had a dream within a dream last night.