Sunday, 8 May 2011


I got two phone calls today. One was from Simon. The other, from DCI. Duncan. Apparently, in my absence, absolutely nothing new has happened. No sightings, no new disappearances. They're currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they've got a dead teacher, a dead architect and a dead seven year old, and they want to bring the culprit down, but on the other, they have no leads, and anyone who's spent any major amount of time looking at the photographs has mysteriously fallen ill. All claiming, surprise surprise, headaches. The headaches have defied explanation, but it's affecting more and more people. I haven't had any in a while.

Okay, there're something I didn't tell you about that night. Up in Ms. Fisher's flat. While you know how she died, and what had been done to her from the newspaper article about Joey, there was one thing I hid. The look on her face. I don't know how I'd expect someone's face to look having had that done to her, but it wasn't like this. Her face had a look of the most abject horror, like everything she wished she would never lay eyes on was advancing upon her. It's quite a fear, that. Not just to be scared of the unknown. Not just to be scared of something that startles you. But the long, all-consuming dread of being trapped with something beyond your most frenzied, wild nightmares as it bears down upon you. Past screaming. Past crying. Nothing but horror.

That's what Daddy was.

No wonder I can't sleep.

Not for days.


  1. Just think happy thoughts. Remember, the killer could have come in at any time. But he didn't. He's trying to scare you instead. Due to how thin and frail he apparently looks, he is obviously weak. So what does he do? Terrorize his victims until they are too ill and sleep deprived to fight

    Just remember. Every laugh, every smile, every happy thought, and every second not spent thinking about him is a spit in his face and a clear message that he will not win over you

  2. Not getting filleted would be a nice sign of my victory too. Not sure about his being weak though. I mean, he managed to get ribcages open, that's something. Not to mention what he did to their arms...
    Thanks for the support, I could use it right now.