Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tell me I'm seeing things

I found these on my phone. They're from Wednesday night, while I was drunk, at about 2:30 in the morning. The latter was taken near Simon's house. The former was taken inside, from an upstairs window. Click to enlarge. You'll see what I mean.

Please let me be wrong. Please.

EDIT: Just realised. These photographs aren't giving me headaches. If your head hurts after looking at this, get in touch, but otherwise, that's an interesting little discovery.


  1. Hi Kari. Love your blog! I'm sorry all this stuff is happening!!!

    Forgive me, I'm probably just blind as a bat, but I can't really see anything in those pictures? It's probably me but what am I looking for?

  2. It's okay, I only spotted it when I moved the photos onto my computer and got it onto a decent monitor. And if I hadn't checked (raising brightness helped a lot), your inability to find anything would be very reassuring.

    Click to enlarge both, and click on them again to zoom in fully.
    On the first one, look in the shadows of the wall of the house opposite. It's only slightly darker than the shadows, but I'm convinced it's there. Raising the brightness in Photoshop, I think, confirms it.

    The second one, you're looking near the van nearest to the camera.

    And here's the shitty part; you're looking for a tall, thin, bald man in a suit. And in that second one, I think he's looking right at me.

  3. Kari

    Holy shit. I had to lighten it up considerably (And my monitor here sucks) but I DEFINITELY see him in the second pic!

    Run. Fast. Get away from that... thing. Thats not a man. I'm seriously fearful for you !!! Be careful!!!!

  4. I certainly seemed to get away from him unharmed. Unfortunately, Detective Duncan's being a douche and won't investigate this guy. Details in the next post along.
    Either way, if I do see him anywhere, and am not off my face, yeah, running fast the other way's the plan. Don't want to end up like Ms. Fisher. Christ.