Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hey everyone. After what I found out in last Friday, I've been pretty busy. I'm now almost certain that "Daddy" was the one who killed Ms. Fisher; that she knew about him - or just about Joey being stalked - for a while, but that she became particularly aware after getting him back on the Monday, and that Joey's in danger. After spending a few days trying to set out how to present this to the head of the investigation, a Detective Chief Inspector Duncan (whose phone number I have, in case I remember or hear anything, assuming he doesn't just want to sleep with me while I'm vulnerable) I got it crystallised in my head. He's a tall, thin, bald Caucasian man, who seems to wear a suit a lot. No facial description unfortunately, and I think it's best if I don't mention the supposed long arms and the fact that headaches seem to break out near him, because that'll make me sound crazy.

I told DCI. Duncan all this, and he yelled at me for five minutes about not telling him about this before, then thanked me for my lead and hung up. On Thursday, I got the call that he and his household are under police protection. I also received some other, interesting information. Firstly, there was not only one photograph. There were thousands. She had in her purse about five Micro SDHC cards, full of pictures. Mostly of areas around the school, at all times of day. A lot of the time they were down alleyways, into dark windows or out of her flat window into the night. Sporadic at first, but increasingly frequent as time went on. In her last week, she was taking over two hundred a day. And every so often, far off in the background, was a featureless bald head and thin black-clad shoulders peering out towards her, at first rarely, but then with more and more frequency. He was following her. A chill ran down my spine when I heard this. How long had he been planning that murder, how long had he been choosing the exact right moment to maim and kill that poor woman?

More chilling, when I thought about it, were the photos with nothing in them. Some were just of corners of rooms in her apartment, or hallways in Motcombe School. Places she should have felt safe, turned into hunting grounds for her eventual murderer. I don't know what's scarier to me; that she was paranoid enough to distrust even her inner sanctums, or that he may well have been there.

Anyway, today, I got bad news. According to Joey's mother, they don't know any bald men who wear suits with any regularity, let alone on every occasion anyone had seen them. More bad news, several of the police staff had dropped off the case, particularly those in the photo labs, complaining of terrible migraines.

Can anyone tell me how this headache thing is possible? Because I'm drawing a blank.

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