Saturday, 2 April 2011

Third Day

Had a new experience today. It turns out one of the children, who I will be calling Jenny for the purposes of this blog, had her father leave her mother last night. She was in pieces all day. What sucks was that she wanted someone to hug her, but for obvious reasons, I can't. If she hugs onto me, which she did, I actually have to raise my hands above my head to show that I'm not touching her inappropriately... At this point, Ms. Fisher tells me to "stop being ridiculous" and ushered her into her arms. I felt terrible.

Anyway, this girl was bawling her eyes out, and Joey walked up behind her and said "Your dad'll always be with you. Mine's always with me." And as creepy as this kid's getting, it actually seemed to comfort her, the way it seemed to comfort him.

Meanwhile, I could see Ms. Fisher's face turn white.

Still not all bad; the weather sucks, but that means we get MISTY NIGHTS! I FUCKING LOVE misty nights! Specifically, I love how light goes when it's illuminating mist or rain. Shadows streaking through the air and the like. I took some snaps on my way back from Simon's at about 9 last night.

On that note, I should probably head off. It's approaching 2 A.M. and I have shit to do tomorrow. Weekend and all.

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