Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Simon again. Kari e-mailed me this as a word document from her phone.

Hey everyone. Sorry I wasn't around to post last night. I've been wanting to get this written all day. I ended up writing this on my phone in my break and e-mailing it to Simon to upload when he can. Yesterday, Joey went missing. During morning break, he just vanished. No-one saw him leave; he was there one minute and gone the next.

Naturally, once we established that he wasn't on the premises, everyone panicked. Ms Fisher had me take over the class while looked everywhere within two streets' radius, knocking on doors and looking in gardens. Eventually, she came back to the classroom, the young boy in hand. He was crying his eyes out, completely incomprehensible through the sobs. Ms. Fisher, however, was something entirely different. She was white as a sheet, and shaking. Her warm, kind demeanour was gone, replaced with what I can only describe as utmost dread. Real, unadulterated horror. She looked older, more worn, than she had been a half hour before. I understand that losing a child like that is worrying, but something was obviously very wrong. It turned out that he'd gotten through the fence around the school somehow - it's a tall fence, even by adult standards, with nothing to climb up, so he can't have gotten over it - and into the large park next door. Ms. Fisher had found him hiding amongst the trees, curled up into a ball. That was all she said - nothing to indicate why she was in the state she was in. After a while, the shaking gave way to a sudden, splitting headache, which rendered her useless. 

Her boyfriend came to pick her up and a substitute teacher, an old, short-tempered woman called Mrs. Swift, who the children were in turn not very cooperative with. It seems like the only thing stopping them from being as...well, as variable in their behaviour as most kids their age was the influence of a teacher they loved. I had to work my ass off getting them all calm.

Anyway, I'll be back with another one later today.

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